LM2596HVS DC 4.5 - 60V TO 3 - 35V DC Adjustable Step Down Converter Module

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Brand: China
Model: LM2596hvs
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LM2596HVS DC 4.5 - 60V TO 3 - 35V DC Adjustable Step Down Converter Module


The high quality LM2596 HV DC-DC sep-down adjustable power supply module 4.5V - 60V step down to 3-35V. Adopted imported LM2596HV-ADJ and Sanyo original patch electrolytic capacitors, it can convert the voltage and current stably.

Note 1: Please keep the minimum differential pressure of 1.5 V, Because it is step-down module, in order to guarantee the stability of the output.

Note 2: Please note that when using the module, you should firstly correctly connect the cables, then power up and regulate the output voltage well. And then cut off power, next, connect load off, lastly, power up again and use. This operation process means that do not connect input and output cables in power status. If there is power and you connect the cables in the process, there will be sparks easily in connection position and will most likely to damage the module.



Input voltage: 4.5 to 60 v

Output voltage: adjustable 3-35 v (default delivery voltage 5 v)

Output current: rated current 2 A, maximum 3 A, 12 v turn 5 v)

Output power: maximum 15 W

Conversion efficiency: up to 92%

Static power consumption is only about 6 mA.

Working temperature: industrial grade (- 40 to + 85 ℃)

Input mode: IN+ (input positive), IN - (input negative)

Output mode: OUT+ (output positive), OUT- (output negative)

Size: 45 * 22 * 13.5 mm (included potentiometer)

Load regulation: ±1%

Voltage regulation: ±0.5% (in order to reach the point at which the no-load output voltage will be higher, but as long as there is with 1 mA load, the output voltage is normal, and will not affect the function, please be assured about that when use it.)

Short circuit protection: current limiting, overheating protection, but since the recovery.


Weight 14 g
Model IM160621001
Discontinued No
Link Wiki No
Max Output Current 3A

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