Servo Motor MG90

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Model: MG-90
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Servo Motor MG90

he MG90 is a nice small RC servo ideal for projects where size and weight are important.

RC servos are hobbyist remote control servos typically used in radio-controlled models, where they provide actuation for various mechanical systems such as the steering of a car, the flaps on a plane, or the rudder of a boat. These servos are not industrial grade and are not recommended for continuous heavy use.


  • analog Micro Servo
  • 175° of travel
  • Small
  • Light weight high strength nylon casing
  • Durable Metal gear with bearing

The MG90 comes with 3 servo rudder pieces and 1 set of screws.

Operating Voltage 5V
Rotation 175°
Maximum Speed 545°/sec
Running Current 1066 - 100mA at no load
1061 - 90mA at no load
Stall Current 1066 - 430mA
1061 - 480mA
Torque 2.0 kg-cm
Size 23 x 12.2 x 29mm
Weight 14g

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