Unimat PLC CPU224 AC/DC/Relay (UN214-1BD23-0XB8)

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Unimat PLC CPU224 AC/DC/Relay (UN214-1BD23-0XB8)


The PLC- Programmable logic controller has so many divisions and sub division. As in the industrial area, PLC has created a revolution of welfare, many companies have taken initiates to make PLC. Unimat is one of them, which established in 2004, is a self-production of PLC, HMI, servo driver, converter and so on. It is basically a China manufacturer company.

Introduction to Unimat PLC CPU224 AC DC Relay

Unimat PLC CPU 224 AC DC relay is equivalent to Siemens CPU. The main task of it is to create programming.Unimat PLC CPU224 AC DCrelay has though many functions, but the main one is to control system automatically.  The communication ports of it is 2RS-485, where PPI control is supported by the both. It is also compatible with Siemens 224 CPU.

The model number of it is CPU224 AC/DC relay. The dimension system of it is 120.5x80x62 mm.  The power consumption ability of it 10W. The capacity of it in the run mode is 25k bytes, and without run mode is 50k bytes. The data memory of it is 20408 bytes. It has fourteen local digital inputs. The digital I/O image size is 256 where 128 inputs are available and the outputs are 128 in number. Analog I/O image size is 64 where 32 are inputs, and 32 are outputs.

The expansion module allowed maximum seven modules where pulse catch inputs are fourteen in number. The total high-speed counters are six. It has many phases where the single phase is 6 at 30KHz, and the two phase is 4 at 20KHz. The total timer number is 256(1ms:4;10ms:16;100ms:236.) . The counter capacity is 256. The time interrupts between the system is 2 with 1 MS resolution, edge interrupts is 4 up and/or 4 down. Analog adjustment is 2 with 8-bit resolution. The Boolean execution speed is 0.08 speed in per instruction. It has built-in real time clock. Among the ports system, it has 2 RS-485 ports, within 1 standard PPI port. PPI Baud rates are 9.6, 19.2 and 187.5 k baud. Freeport Baud rates are 1.2k Baud to 115.2Kbaud.

The maximum linear unit in per phase with isolated repeater are thousand m up to 187.5Kbaud,1200 m up to thirty-eight kBaud. and without isolate repeater it is 50m. Maximum number of stations are 32 per segment and 126 in per network. Maximum number of masters are 32. It is peer to peer PPI master mode.

It is 85 to 264 V AC and 60/30mA while CPU only at 120/240 V DC. It has 20.4 to 28.8 V ac sensor voltage. The current limit of it is 1.5 peak, thermal limit non-destructive.

In the case of Ripple noise, it has less than 1V peak-to-peak sensor to logic. It has 14 built-in digital inputs. The input type is PPN/NPN. It has 24 V DC at 4mA rated voltage. The maximum continuous permissible voltage is 30 V DC.

It is available in projuktiponno.com, a trustworthy electrical equipment online market. The price of Unimat PLC CPU224 AC/DC Relay (UN214-1BD23-0XB8) is 11,381 tk.

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